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Meet young team of tech enthusiasts.
We are working on IOT projects.
Our first is: TheIotLock

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POST#11 Building our first Prototypes
From an idea to a prototype If you are following us from the beginning, you should probably remember what our first ever-built IoT device looked like. Since then a lot of things have...
POST#1: How Did We Come Up With The Idea After Few Cups Of Tea?
You should know that, we are all big fans of drinking yerba mate. For those who don’t know what is it – it keeps us alive and thanks to it we can pull an all-nighter in...
POST#10 Meet JetBrains - Our Work Environment
During this project we tried a lot of dev tools. In response to your questions, we want to share with you our experience and introduce the best solution. We hope you will join the 12.8M...
POST#9 End Of The Project!
That was intense 2 months of work. Everyone did excellent work. Not only the project has been completed. We have than more than that: we started developing a prototype on esp32 and...
POST#8 How To Avoid Cyber Attack On Digital Lock?
We get questions related to the security of our system. We spent a lot time on thinking and searching for the best solution. In this article I will try to dispel any doubts and questions....
POST#7 How To Make Key Scanner In 15 Minutes? (Step By Step)
Finally our build for raspberry is ready. We are super excited to share it with you. Take your raspberry and get to work. When you are done take picture of your project and post on...
POST#6 Check Out How Students (With No Experience) Developed App!
Last week was full of changes. We have added remote unlocking of the gate. Opening door has never been easier Рnow you create a shortcut or gesture on your phone and enjoy it! Additionally...
POST#5 Move To 2077 By Installing Digital Locks
Have you ever played Cyberpunk? Are you big fan of new technology? Thanks to our solution you can create your own Night City! Why qr code is the best solution? A major reason why we...
POST#4: How To Build Key Scanner From a Garbage Can?
Catchy header huh? As it will turn out later, it is not that far from the truth.  A story of Raspberry Pi 1/B Have you ever hear heard about this ‘giant’? I guess no...