about us

who are we?

We are group of young students from Poland. We are creating a new project during our internship which will attract students, engineers and technology enthusiasts. We are sharing our code-work with you as an open source file. Links to this files are on the INFO page. 

We wish you will message and share with us your reflections about our project. We are open to every suggestions so don’t hesitate and fill up that form on contact page!

about project

Our goal is to replace a regular key by a system which will open a lock by reading a QR code out of our smartphone. System is based on raspberry, literally pulled out of the company trash. We would like to create it on a budget so every of you could recreate it on garage.  

Every member of our small team have a certain task to do such as programming the lock, creating mobile app and building whole system to add keys proper locks. 


Sławomir sojka

full stack developer

Damian prochaska

full stack developer

Jakub ciemała

mobile app developer

Nikodem Szlauer

full stack developer

wojciech droździk


hubert wróblewski