Keybox System

what is it all about?

Our device is designed to transform key management into an effortless task. It embodies a main control unit and small customizable key compartments that can easily adapt to your needs. 

KeyBox System works based on magnetic cards. Each card can have access to different slots – Administrator of the system determines it using an online Admin Panel . 

If your employee wants to take out a key – they can do so by scanning their card and choosing a button. 

The best part? Every event is recorded and displayed on the Admin’s panel. 


1. Keybox core

The Keybox Core has a module called the ESP32 that works with the RFID reader and the keypad. 

The Keybox Core saves time and effort by taking care of many of the boring tasks like tracking keys.

2. keybox slots

These compartments are not just ordinary storage spaces. They are ingeniously designed with precision and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of security for your keys.

 All you have to do is pick on the keypad which key you want to take. Then, the bottom of the compartment opens, and the chosen key drops out. It’s so simple!

3. admin panel

You can use web and mobile apps to access KeyBox Admin Panel. 

There, you can name the KeyBoxes, Slots, and Cards. While in the panel, you can link Cards to specific Slots. 

When someone scans a card with KeyBox Core, the Admin gets notified and can view all events in the Cards tab. Every time the compartment is opened, it is recorded and displayed in the Administrator panel.