It’s digital solution for regular keys.

To understand whole concept play with blocks. Every puzzle represent every part of the project. 

when will you launch the product?

Recently we have made a proof of concept. You can recreate it at home and connect with our database. Full tutorial you will find there
Now we are struggling to make it work on esp32. Much smaller example of microcomputer – we want to hide it in small and nice cover. 

How does it look like for now?

At the photo you can see raspberry pi with qr-scanner and module. 

how does it work together?

1. Website is a tool for creating gates, keys, and users. User-friendly interface provides easy handling with it.
2. Download and login into mobile app. Configure scanner with application. You are ready to generate “keys”!
3. Key scanner gets data from the mobile app and checks if it’s correct. When everything is good the gate will open.