TUTORIAL#1: How To Config Raspberry

Firstly you have to flash the latest version of raspbian to a SD card. Insert card to your desktop or laptop. To do it you can use “Raspberry Pi  SD imager” or “Balena Etcher“. 

Then, prepare your raspberry. Power it with cable icluded. Put in card to raspberry slot and wait for launch.  
After that you will on the way to connect this microcomputer with your PC. 

How to connect everything up?

On this video everything had been explained. Watch it and come back to reading. 
When you plug it (according to the schema at the beginning of video) you can move on.  
Now you need to download PuTTy. It will able you to connect with rasperry wireless. Open downloaded application and fill it with information on the screen 1.  When you will be ready – click Open. (ignore saved sessions)

Screen 1

What’s next?

For sure we are not going to listen Drake. Let’s focus on the task.
After clicking open, you have a look to terminal.

Let’s set the internet. To do so, you need an ethernet cable and router with connection. Plug the cable to the router’s and raspberry’s LAN port. Then, click here to read about assigning static IP. It is necessary to communicate with raspberry via the internet. 

When you do it, type “ssh root@raspberry_ip” and press enter. System may ask you for the password. Search for a label on the box in which hardware arrived or try to find out on the manufacturer’s website. 






Last but not least

Don’t forget about SSH. Type following command and enjoy raspberry!

To enter the ssh files: “nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config”. 

Next, make sure these lines aren’t commented. Delete the # sign. 

You can disconnect an uart-usb converter. It won’t be needed anymore.
And that’s how to configured it! Congratulations!