POST#1 How Did We Come Up With The Idea After Few Cups Of Tea?

You should know that, we are all big fans of drinking yerba mate. For those who don’t know what is it – it keeps us alive and thanks to it we can pull an all-nighter in order to work more on projects.

How it all started?

During school year, our high-school made a deal with local company. Students were offered an opportunity for launching a startup during holidays-internship. Conditions were simple: Corporation give students time till end of the school, which is end of June in Poland, to invent an idea which will be related with informatics technology. The winning group was supposed to get everything needed to realize it.

Me and the boys decided to apply for a project. We had nothing to lose and the reward was great. We wanted to do something simple but useful on every day. After hours we were having discord meetings dedicated to this project. Most of them ended playing League of Legends. When the July hit the calendar we knew deadline is getting closer so we decided to play an ‘Archimedes’. Without getting a bath we figured it out – Let’s make a locker which will be possible to open by a QR code – Eureka!

And that’s how our team win a lottery ticket…

Why lock?

Have you ever had a locker in your school? Do you remember that feeling when you have to get books from a locker and reach class during 5 minutes break? We decided to make it easier and faster. Searching for a key in a backpack on a crowded corridor is not one of the pleasant things. Now imagine, instead of looking for a key you are reaching to your pocket for a phone – click – and it is open. Easy, fast and comfortable. Don’t forget about people around you, who are thinking about you as a Neo from Matrix. Also, opening locker in this way may make a huge impression on your crush.

Just imagine, when she is giving you her QR code.. oh what a love story!

Welcome in internship!

When we found out about contest results we literally exploded out of happiness. We decide to celebrate it – as befits a Pole – by drinking a … let’s call it yerba, cause it made us awake all night long.

First week just flew by important meetings with a management and determining details about project. Main topics: our target, deadline, software and tasks to do. When everything was ready and set, we started by taking the first steps.

I would like to share with you about our feelings based on one week work here. You may think we are excited, delighted? To be honest it’s hard to explain. Getting a chance for creating something innovative, what is more with your best friends and in the place with great atmosphere, where you are developing your skills every day and people care about you? It’s many more than just a being excited or delighted. It’s more like playing in your favorite movie or becoming one of the “Fantastic 4” member. Our dream come true and now is a reality.

We can’t wait to share with you upcoming progress!

See you soon!