POST#2: How Did We Create Mobile Application Using Youtube?

In this article I would love to share with you our latest progress! We have been working very hard in July. It is said: “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” We truly believe in it and we are trying to follow this rule every single day!


Key manager

Boys did an excellent work. We have page with working forms and preview to events. 
As an user you are given the following information:
-date: when you open lock
-message: about getting access 
It can be very helpful (for example) in bigger companies where is a required “check-in” system. Managers can read when you start a shift and they won’t need hundreds of digital cards for every employee.  
Also, if you are an owner of a hotel you can easily give access to clients without seeing them. Everything takes place remotely – simple and comfortable. 
There are hundreds of ideas how to use it in real life. We hope you will find yours 🙂
There is 1 more cool feature of digital keys. You can create 1 key with access to a few locks. Did you remember the janitor in your school? When you had forgotten keys at home you could ask him to open your locker with a “magic” key.  That magic key also had access to more than 1 gate. Did you know it?
What is better about our idea, you can change access to it due to different weekdays and users. I mean that you can config key to open locks: A, B, C, and D due Monday to Wednesday and to open locks: E, F, and G due Thursday to Sunday. Isn’t it cool? 
The whole system of creating keys and gates is there. Better check it out by registering your account here or watch
Remember: We are still working on it so everything is in beta tests. 

Mobile app

Kuba is dealing with Dart in Flutter. All simulations take action in the “android emulator” but you may use a regular mobile phone to do it.
He managed to create 2 main control panels: user and admin. 
The first one shows you all teams you are into. You can click an exact team and you will see all your keys. Then by clicking a key you will get a newly generated code to open the gate. 
The second panel is dedicated to admins. You will find there locks you are the founder of. Every lock will have an emergency code in case something goes wrong during the opening. 
In the future, he will face all security issues. Now he is focusing on the correct operation of the system. 
It is worth mentioning that the application will serve only for opening the locks. All managing systems will be based on the website. We would like to make the app as easy to use as it’s possible: user-friendly. 

Next demo soon! Stay tuned…