POST#3: How Did We Made a Simple Key System In 48 Hours?

Our team exactly knew what we want to do. Create a lock which will be able to open via mobile phone. But the question was how to do it without any experience and knowledge about creating such a project. 


The answer is simple. We have a great leader – Hubert. It’s always about people. Every master had a teacher in his field. Daniel from “Karate Kid” was under Mr. Miyagi eyes, Po from “Kung fu Panda” was taught by Shifu.  
Hubert is walking dictionary with enormous lore about IT world. Now ‘uncle google tense’ makes more sense. He provides us with needed shortcomings. He is teaching us and giving ton of advices about technologies we use. So, how you may see, it is kind a bootcamp for us. But it is better than regular course cause we are getting paid for that! Every day we become more confident about project and we are understanding more and more staff.  

Of course, he is not the only source we ‘use’. I would like to underline fact, we are also enjoying YouTube tutorials and searching for various websites. To make it easier for you, we filtered what’s necessary and redoed it into code. After reading this article check main page and click links below the IOTLOCK signature.  
You will find there our work, which is updating almost every day (except weekends – we have to sleep). 

The ‘key’ for a successful business is team work

As I mention, Hubert is great guy. What is more, he decided to make us a Christmas in the middle of July. We all were given by a wonderful book – “Debugging Team”. I am not gonna summary it, you had better buy it and see yourself. But it is helpful tool for us, especially when we are working first time in such programming team. This book tells about HRT filary, which is basis of teamwork. Better check this book out before someone will release your ‘garage project’ for you.

Our tasks and goals.

We are working in the same office but we have been divided – each of us has a certain job to do. 
Let me introduce a team members:

Nikodem – he is responsible for whole raspberry system. He has to figure out how to get whole system in to one piece and make it working – make lock opening by a QR code.  
Sławek&Damian – our frontend&backend guys. They are working on possibility to create locks and keys on our website. You can check how it works by registering on “”. Just remember, everything is still in progress and they are doing their best to make it out ASAP.
Kuba – app developer. His job depends on creating easy system to mobile phones which will guarantee an access to a locker. Mostly he is working with “Flutter” to develop a good looking hud for our application. 
Hubert – great guy.
Wojtek – that’s me. I am creator of this blog. My job is to promote us in the internet. I am dealing with the social media and e-mails. 

Our goal is to became a better version of ourselves. To learn as much as possible from our Shifu (Hubert) and to succeed this project. We truly believe in creating something new, what will surprise YOU. We are giving high hopes just like “Panic! At the disco” sings:
“… Had to have high, high hopes for a living …”

We HOPE this project will be an inspiration for you guys. “Go make a legacy”! 
See you around and don’t forget to leave us a comment!