POST#4: How To Build Key Scanner From a Garbage Can?

Catchy header huh? As it will turn out later, it is not that far from the truth. 

A story of Raspberry Pi 1/B

Have you ever hear heard about this ‘giant’? I guess no cause visiting museum isn’t popular these days. Let me tell few words about our lock’s brain. 
Everything have started with a joke about 1/B. One of our managers challenged us to use this ancient micro computer as a locker to his fridge – so nobody steals cold beer from it.  

After couple days Nikodem was ready to surprise the crew. I wish you had seen their faces haha. Not only he connect it with the internet, QR-scanner and console. He also manages it to check if the code is correct or not. MAGIC! Literally, because to do it he used, among others, code matching with “magic guid”.

And that’s how we are waiting for our own fridge for cold drinks. It is said that fridge has been already ordered. We will inform you immediately when it arrives. 
When the lock will be ready we are going to mount it on the refrigerator.

Ps. We are posting our daily on instagram so you will get to know sooner about any informations with beer-fridge. #save_cold_beers

Our repositories

We constantly are testing new technologies and gear. So to make it easier for you, we will be adding all repositories on the  page “INFO”. You can click there whenever you want and check our current tech.  

Why this specific technology?

Our main assumption is to make it cheap. We don’t wanna generate high cost especially when lock could be build by anyone at home. Secondly, we are thinking far-sighted and we don’t want big expenses with massive production. In that way we are giving you free hand to easily recreate it and we are opening a ‘gate’ for our future production (of course if you would be interested mounting such a locker in your house or office). 

Finally we wish to make it on esp32!