POST#5 Move To 2077 By Installing Digital Locks

Have you ever played Cyberpunk? Are you big fan of new technology? Thanks to our solution you can create your own Night City!

Why qr code is the best solution?

A major reason why we have chosen it is no need to pair. Whether you have an android or ios mobile you are not gonna have any problems connecting with locks. 
Do you remember that feeling when you bought an RTV device and spent hours configuring it? 
With our product, it won’t be your problem. By scanning the “starter” code, the device will configure automatically. At the end, you will have to enter WiFi password.

NFC Is better

We got a lot of messages like this under previous posts. We understand your point of view but we want to make it as universal as possible.
Don’t assume that every user will have mobile with nfc. Fact is that every phone has a display. In case when your mobile will run out of battery you can always carry a printed copy of your codes.
What is more our QR codes will be safer than NFC solution. We pay attention to make it super secured so nobody will break into your office or garage. 

The biggest disadvantage is internet connection required. Without it you won’t be able to do anything… Unless you have our version of lock. We make it possible to run without WiFi. From time to time you will have to refresh data and connect your mobile with the internet but it won’t be needed in front of doors. 

still consider nfc?

Hold my beer. What about giving disposable access? Imagine you are on the way to Croatia or Ibiza and your wife forget to check the iron. She was ironing her party clothes before leaving house and might not plug it out. What now?
NFC? Near For Catastrophy? 
Is such a case you can send a friend or neighbor temporary access to house and ask for unpluging the iron. With no need to ruin your holidays. Before first book in you will sleep well. 

Of course there are a lot of possibilities to use this system. As a company administrator you can control check in system

Everything is hosted on our website click. As an admin you can check who and about what time entered the room. You can send and cancel invitation. To read more about functionality click here

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