POST#6 Check Out How Students (With No Experience) Developed App!

Last week was full of changes. We have added remote unlocking of the gate. Opening door has never been easier – now you create a shortcut or gesture on your phone and enjoy it! Additionally we are writing newsletter. So don’t hesitate and sign up for free to not miss anything about us!

easy in usage

After reading your comments we decided to please you and we made a little upgrade in the app. 
From now you don’t have to generate a QR code for every door entry. You can configure and use the phone gestures. One of the coolest shortcuts on iPhone is back double tap. When you do a proper motion, application will open remotely for you the nearest lock. Of course you have to overwrite it in the settings. (other phones have similar solutions so don’t worry if you are not apple fan). 

In such a case the inernet connection is needed. Despite this, it is more comfortable especially when you are at home and don’t want to generate QR every time to open garage or gun shelf.

comfy interface

When you create website you should care about users and encourage them to come back later for upcoming posts. 
We created a “guider” on keymanager website in order to make it simpler for you. When you visit our website you will see pop-up. Don’t ingore it – read carefully so you can understand whole.
Thanks to it everything is clear and easy. 

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