POST#10 Meet JetBrains – Our Work Environment

During this project we tried a lot of dev tools. In response to your questions, we want to share with you our experience and introduce the best solution. We hope you will join the 12.8M users who trust JetBrains tools. Programming is stable and enjoyable – sounds unreal? See for yourself!

it's not free

As a student or open source developer you are able to get a free license for a YEAR! Surprised? What are you waiting for? Click here and sign up for it! With so many tools you will be well prepared to start a journey with programming. The projects will not write themselves. 

what did they offer?

  • Tools for remote development for you and your team – no need to have powerfull laptop
  • Tools for game devs – could you beat Mojang level? 
  • C++ tools for any platform – no more headaches and figuring out why it doesn’t compile
  • Data science programs – simple solution to manage big data
  • Automate your tests – code with speed and confidence
  • Software development in one place – give your team everyhing they need!


“IntelliJ IDEA is undoubtedly the top-choice IDE for software developers.” 
Mary Grygleski

“In Rider, I just focus on working with my code, as it should be, instead of fighting my IDE. Rider gave me back the joy in writing .NET code.”
Frans Bouma

“YouTrack is a very stable and consistent product. We value its rich functionality, speed, and efficiency.”
Marvin Burman


they trusted jetbrains

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