POST#9 End Of The Project!

That was intense 2 months of work. Everyone did excellent work. Not only the project has been completed. We have than more than that: we started developing a prototype on esp32 and found potential beta testers. It’s so cool that local company wants our product to test. For now we can’t say more but know that something great is coming!

what did you learn?

Over these 8 weeks we became better versions of ourselves. Every single member got enormous knowledge about his specific direction: Nikodem learned how to deal with microcomputers, Kuba developed his first mobile app, Damian&Sławek improved theirs skills in web dev. Each day was a challenge for us and we learned how to overcome shortcomings. Thanks to great mentor, multiple tutorials and forums we are prepared for upcoming projects.

is startup a good idea?

I am not an expert but I have participated in one. I can say that you can create great things with a great team. The beginning was not easy, we didn’t know how to go about it. But slowly slowly, as we practiced, we were unstoppable. Everybody had their tasks and kept them in mind. 

The startup is also an amazing opportunity to do something great in a short period. It’s motivating and way better than doing nothing. For people our age it’s the first step to start caring about the future. We got work offers and outsiders are impressed with the outcome. We hope for more projects and challenges!
Is startup a good idea? Of course! Do not hesitate and see for yourself by fulfilling dream idea.

“Success is best when it’s shared” ~Howard Shultz 

what's next?

We have to slow down with TheIotLock and focus on others things to do. We have to wait till the esp is ready to run. It’s a job for Nikodem and other developers from a befriended company.
The rest of the team will be divided and assigned to other groups. It’s not the end of us. When the final product will be completed we will let you know! For now, be patient and stay tuned.

advice to you

Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid of challenges. Nobody knows what the future holds.

estimated time:

july 2024

estimated time:

july 2023

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