POST#8 How To Avoid Cyber Attack On Digital Lock?

We get questions related to the security of our system. We spent a lot time on thinking and searching for the best solution. In this article I will try to dispel any doubts and questions.

how did you secure it?

We are hashing data with SHA 256 function. Following data are: ID (key usage), VF & VT (valid from & valid to), L (locks matching with key).
Next, we combine this data with “secret code” – unique 16 signs string (for every user). At the end: short-hashing. Take a look for a diagram to understand it better.


Should you share this with us?

Every team code is unique and additionally hashed. If we weren’t sure this solution we wouldn’t use it in our product. Maybe we will find better option (not cluttered) but for now we stay with it.

what if i lose internet connection?

We predict that. Mobile app will keep in CACHE memory QR codes. Thanks to there is no need to turn on WiFi or cellular when entering the doors. It will work till you log out from the application. Of course when you add new locks and keys you will have to connect and “download” data. 

what about power cuts?

When your office will lose electricity don’t worry. This product will be available with UPS (uninterruptible power supply). It will keep locks working for at least 15 minutes so you have a time to leave a building. 

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