POST#13: Our Idea Turns Into Reality

We have done some significant steps towards a functional product and we would like to give you an update. 

If you want to know the reason behind us choosing this product to work on, please check out the latest post. 

let us introduce the keybox system

It has been two weeks of hard work and dedication, and our product looks better every day. We have chosen some names to make working with the product easier. The whole thing is called the KeyBox System. We call the main unit KeyBox Core, and the smaller compartments KeyBox Slots. Access to the keys can be achieved by scanning a card on the KeyBox Core. Our users can own an unlimited number of cards and give each of them unique authorization rules. Each KeyBox System will require an administrator who will manage access to the cards, change item names, and have the right to view system events. Our first prototypes are made using 3D printing technology by our very talented team member


We have chosen ZephyrOS, together with C and Goliath SDK, to simplify the connection to a network and enable device management from a web server. To keep the cost reasonable, we have decided to use an ESP32 board as the device. For demonstration purposes, we created a prototype using the Arduino framework. At present, we are in the process of transitioning everything to ZephyrOS so that we can concentrate on delivering a better environment for the device.

Web development

“For the web application, we have chosen React, Vite, and Google Cloud (Firebase). We have already implemented the sign-in and sign-up forms. Our team is currently working on developing the dashboard. The dashboard will serve as a central hub for users to manage their devices. We have successfully implemented CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, enabling users to interact seamlessly with their devices. By integrating Golioth’s technology, we will establish a strong and reliable connection between our user interface and the devices.”

Mobile App

We want our mobile app to be unified with the web application so that the technology and progress are very similar. The app runs on React Native and uses Firebase for data storage. We care a lot about the user experience, so we have done a lot of planning on that. The app already has the function of signing up and signing in. If the user is authenticated, they can see the dashboard and add a KeyBox.

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